My name is Kyla (But if you call me Kay or Kayla don’t worry it’s totally common) . I am a self and peer taught photographer, which means I have some pretty amazing photographer friends that have helped me along the way. After 10 years of photographing everything I can imagine, I can honestly say it is an ever evolving and growing process. The learning never ends!

When I'm not capturing life's moments you can usually find me doing one of two things, yoga or barrel racing. I am a combination of barefoot and cowboy boots. Yoga has taught me to be balanced and live for the moment while barrel racing is that sheer excitement that everyone needs in their life! 

With the arrival of our son, Ever, he has shown me how important every single moment is. Our little ball of energy is a never ending source of inspiration and amusement. He has helped me connect even more deeply to my work and my client. From birth to cakesmash, and every single moment forward, I truly feel everything needs to be preserved and remembered. The days may be long as a parent but the years go by so quickly. 

I don't believe you should sacrifice quality just because you're on a budget, with Kay Photos you can have experience,  knowledge and amazing beautiful lasting memories! Whether it's a 1st birthday or "the big day" every moment should be preserved.
So now that you know about me... I want to know about you! Contact me and lets see what kind of amazingness we can create together.

K. (See... totally bond!)

 (Photo Credit: Tara Peach)